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Brand Consulting, Creative, Digital PR, PR & Press Office, Production
In addition to the Press Office, Public Relations and Branded Content activities, Attila was entrusted with the Creative Direction of the "Peacefully Together" advertising campaign and the concept of the #1BOX10SHOTS digital project.

The images of the "Peacefully Together" advertising campaign unveil the fantastic and surreal story of a group of bison arriving in Florence, where they move undisturbed through the city’s bridges, roads and historic buildings.
A surprising and unconventional tale, which celebrates the peaceful coexistence between man and animal while different characters continue to carry out their activities wearing the accessories of the 2018-19 collection.

A celebration of the genuine roots of the Tuscan brand and of a company that for over 40 years has been strengthening the bond with its territory by encouraging the permanent union between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary innovation

Peacefully Together
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